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Interview with Stache, Saudi Arabia

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We interviewed Bader Barqawi, Owner of Stache in Saudi Arabia:

What inspired you to start your company?

Lack of cool concept stores in saudi arabia focusing on the western/arab pop culture lifestyle.

Describe your average customer.

Our average customer is a local who either lived/resided, went to college, continuously travels to the US/UK who is trendy, middle to high end social class, updated with fashion and music industry searching for cool clothing/accessories to shop in saudi arabia.

You said your clothing lines are "inspired by the casual yet hip styles of the American pop culture." Can you talk about the blending of Western and Arabic cultures in the fashion world?

Arab pop culture has been a big thing recently but still in its baby steps. There is great appeal to the audience for this movement and support of designers. Alot of arabic designers come showcase their fashion/lifestyles and express their artistic designs through cool apparel and accessories. They pick up alot of concept applied in the US and other western countries and then apply it to the arab pop culture by tweaking in some arabic styles and caligraphy. An example of such replicas are all the painting of celebrities, cool iconic landmarks, music icons, and some funny western quotes arabized. The arab pop culture is still in its baby steps and the appeal of this movement.

What is your favorite Studio Manhattan item?
I personally like the canvases, cardholders/money clips, and iPhone cases.

Quick Questions

Favorite color? Green

World Cup Team? Germany

Favorite city to visit? Los Angeles

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Anything else you would like to tell us about Stache?

Stache is the new fresh urban boutique/concept store; representing and supporting local and regional arab designers. Our goal is to grow in the main cities of saudi arabia and eventually spread to Dubai, Beirut and other regional cities by collaborating with talents.


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